Wine Tasting

Fit Wine Tasting Into Your Social Agenda

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting evenings are really taking off in the UK. It’s possible for people to sample wines from all over the world these days, thanks to the extended ranges available from retailers and thanks to the improved trade networks that bring bottles to the table.
Of course, with all these different wines available, it’s only natural that people want to know more about what they drinking. They want to know what wines suit their own individual palates and they want to know how to match wines with certain dishes. However, it’s also about working out how best to keep wine and how to prepare it so that you don’t waste a good bottle.
Wine tasting is great because it’s all about sharing that knowledge, but it’s also a really entertaining way to spend an evening.
So what sort of occasions are wine tasting perfect for?

Nights out with friends

First of all, wine tasting evenings represent something a little bit different in your social calendar. It’s great to get a few friends together to do something new. When you are a bit bored of going to the same pubs and bars, it’s nice to inject a bit of life back into things by attending an evening that is guaranteed to keep the conversation flowing and that gets everyone involved in something fun and practical.


It’s not always easy to think of a good place to go for a date – somewhere different that is entertaining and that provides plenty to talk about. Wine tasting evenings are perfect in this regard. They really help people to enjoy themselves on a date and take lots of pressure off the whole scenario.

Seeing the family

It’s lovely to catch up with the family, but too often people get into routines when it comes to this sort of thing. Why not do something more interesting and entertaining together for once, instead of just heading round for a brew or going to the local for a pint? Taking your parents wine tasting is a way of bonding over something you might all have a bit of interest in and it’s something you can take away with you.

Wine TastingHost your own!

Once you’ve seen a full wine tasting evening in action, you might even fancy hosting your own with your family and friends. This is actually really simple. All you need to do is get hold of a nice selection of different wines and then organise an evening. Set the right atmosphere by putting on some nice, tasteful music and by providing a cheese board or some other sophisticated treats.
Make sure you keep your wines at the right temperature and make sure you have the right accessories like carafes and proper wine glasses so you do justice to the wines you buy in. You’ll be amazed at how quickly everyone gets into the swing of things. Of course, when you are in the comfort of your own home, you don’t feel the need to keep up appearances as you might at a wine tasting venue, so you can see where the night takes you!

On her search for wine merchants UK resident Hannah Benson found a great selection of bottles online for her first wine tasting event at home.

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