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Quality cheap wine from supermarkets in the UK can be hit and miss if you aren’t prepared to spend much money, when looking for a suitable bottle of wine in the £5 to £8 price range it’s usually experience that selects a good wine. If you’re a student you could use a wine hack I stumbled on, which a friend in New Zealand advocated recently – though I remain unconvinced – blitz your cheap wine in a blender for 30 seconds!

Supermarkets buy wine at a price enabling reasonable profit, when they reduce the price often it leaves you wondering either what’s wrong with this? Are they clearing wine stock they can’t shift? Why is this wine half price, was it over-priced? The fact is they reduce prices frequently throughout the year on bottles they know are bought in at low cost that they can afford lower profit margins on. Once logistics and operational costs, manufacturers costs etc are taken from an average £6 bottle of wine, the remaining bottle’s cost is on the wine itself – approximately £1.60.
So as you spend more, depending on the wine, assuming operational costs are similar and the wine manufacturers costs increase proportionately, it stands to reason the actual cost of the wine to the supermarket increases proportionately. So applying this logic, by spending £12 for a bottle of wine, you should be getting approx. £3.20 of wine in the bottle.

That’s just two simple ways of improving the taste of wine, experts may baulk at the little known student wine hack and quite rightly suggest you pay more for better quality wine, LiveScience have tested the blender theory suggesting it’s performing the same role as a decanter – just much faster.

Cheap WineSome more suggestions for improving the taste of terrible wine;

Use a wine aerator – Pour your wine through the aerator into a decanter.
Expose the wine to oxygen – Decant it and leave it for half an hour.
Use it to make Mulled Wine – Add spices, cinnamon, bouquet garnis, fruit etc and warm it up gently.
Add ginger ale to red wine – Never tried this myself, going to have to taste it though.
Make Sangria – Add lemonade or soda, fruit etc.
Make a wine cocktail – There’s a lot of suggestions on the web, Cosmopolitan have some great ideas.

Have you any more wine improving ideas to share?

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