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How Valuable Can Wine Be?

How Valuable Can Wine Be?

The whole business of wine is unique in that it is based as much on science as it is art. The aficionados might scoff at such a suggestion but it’s true.

The price of wine is determined by many factors. These include where it is from, the quality of the grapes, the year it was made (some years can be too rainy or too dry), the quality of the soil it was grown in, and other factors. It also depends heavily on popularity, in so much as it is a matter of supply and demand. Fortunately, you can have a nice wine with your summer BBQ with help from a wine broker or wine valuation service.


The spices used in a BBQ shouldn’t leave your wine tasting blah and lifeless. A good zinfandel is full of rich tannins and spice that won’t be overwhelmed by BBQ and for a good price per bottle, it won’t overwhelm your pocketbook either. Even the wide selection of individual zinfadels will give you plenty of adventure to savor.


If you are planning on having a lighter meat such as fish or chicken you might opt for a lighter bodied wine such as a rose. Rose is light like a white, but lingers like a red. Roses will compliment your dish, and for about a pretty cheap price you can get a good bottle to allow you and your friends plenty of glasses.

Cotes de Rhone

With pork often cooked onions, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, or spicy mustard, Cotes de Rhone is a nice summer red that goes well with a wide array of flavors and tastes. In fact, since it is so light, trying it with other dishes shouldn’t be considered out of the question.

Mix & Match

A perfect compliment to summer fun is the ability that outdoor cooking gives you to express yourself and try different things. You shouldn’t feel limited by traditional tastes. Take the opportunity that summer provides to try different tastes, not only between wines, but in combination with different foods as well. It is advised to allow red wines time to breathe by popping the cork and leaving it a while before drinking to increase the taste even more.

How Valuable Can Wine Be?Whatever you are in the mood for don’t be afraid to try it. Your wine broker or wine valuation service can offer some good advice on what to have, but remember that wine is made to be drunk. As a result, don’t hesitate to become the just of what goes with your outdoor festivities. Go ahead and have a big glass of your favourite wine with your barbecue ribs. Rest assured you will love it. From the list above not only will you be able to host a good party and have a better idea of what wine to add to your dish, it will also allow you to better choose a good wine should you be going to a friend’s bbq.

Cent’ Anni!

Ursula Jones is a specialist writer on the subject of food and drink here she looks at how valuable wine can be and what dish it should be served with right down to wine valuation services

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