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Good budget wines in London and the UK

Good budget wines in London and the UK

People are sometimes very quick to write off cheap wines, when often the wines in the £5-12 price range can be among the best tasting wines on the market. Of course there are the real bargain basement wines that are cheap for a reason, namely that they are produced with very thin profit margins to a low-standard. But there’s also the rare gems that are both cheaply produced and also of a very high quality, we take a look at some of these bargain wines that can be ordered online in the UK, and which really stand-up well when compared with their more expensive rivals.

La Piuma Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

This Southern Italian red is perfect when served with red meat. It is perhaps at its very best when served with a lamb dish as it complements the meal superbly. It’s very ripe and full bodied, with a strong taste. It has quite a thick texture. If you love a strong tasting red, you can’t fail to enjoy this bottle.

It’s produced from the Montepulciano grape, grown in the Aruzzo region. You can find this little gem in Waitrose, it’s very inexpensive and an absolute bargain. On taste alone, you really should be paying more for something of this quality. You can also order this wine online from both Ocado and Waitrose.

Montes Reserva Sauvignon Blanc

Of course, the Sauvignon Blanc grape needs no introduction. It originated in Western France and is now successfully grown throughout the world. This particular wine comes from Chile, a country where the climate is particularly suited for this grape.

The wine itself is fruity,crisp and slightly acerbic. It will go well with chicken dishes, especially those which use a creamy sauce. It’s also the perfect beverage for fish dishes, again, with creamy sauces. This wine can be ordered online from Tesco.

Quinta de Azevedo Vinho Verde

Grown in Portugal. Vinho Verde means “green wine” in English. This white wine is slightly sparkling, retaining some spritz from the fermentation process. It’s a very complex tasting wine that has a subtle after-taste of tropical fruits.

Like many whites it’s the perfect complement for white meat, but this wine also is perfect for pasta dishes. It can be ordered from Majestic Wine and Waitrose on the web.

Good budget wines in London and the UK

Good budget wines in London and the UK

Visionario Rosato Delle Venezie

Slightly more expensive than the other budget wines in this article, but still well within the £5-12 range, this Rosé is a fantastic wine that you will keep coming back to time and time again. It’s grown from the Refosco grape which is native to Italy.

Like all Rosé wines, it’s not a keeper, and is best drunk young. What makes this stand out against the other cheap wines in the Rosé category is the complexity of the taste. It’s a very creamy tasting wine, with a hint of raspberry. There’s also some plum in there, with a splash of Pinot Noir. This Rose wine has an intensely vibrant taste that is great with Rissoto or salmon. It’s also well-suited for shellfish.

It can be ordered online from many of the main wine retailers. Including Laithwaites.

So there we have it, these are some of the best bargain wines to be had. All of them could easily slip into the £15-30 per bottle category without anyone noticing. There are many more bargains to be had out there but these four wines are particularly noteworthy among other cheap wines.

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