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Lange Pinot Gris

Have you ever heard the lines in a song that says “Going fishing wasn’t such an imposition and I went 3 times the year I lost my Dad? The Live like you were dying song, that’s what I have been trying to do. I don’t want any regrets so I try to go fishing every two weeks on a Friday with my dad; by the way he is not dying. This Friday we went fishing at a lake near the San Francisco bay area. What is funny is the comradory that fishing people have while fishing. I would say it is the equivalent to a hair salon in how funny some of the conversations are. I am talking complete strangers just feel like they need to vent. It was a beautiful day and my dad and I were just chilling when this guy walks up and starts sharing? So ‘I am trying to get away from my wife”! I thought “what do you say to that”! He goes on… Yeah, she graduated with honors from Nag University! I almost spit out my drink. He then said “she threatened to leave me and said it was going to cost him $200.000.00 Thousand. He then says to her “I will give you $250,000.00 if you leave tonight and be quite. This guy was really a character. He continues the conversation “well I better go buy some trout at the super market, the beast always expects a trout meal when she gets home, after I have gone fishing! We must have laughed for a good 2 minutes after he walked off.

We caught 3 trout one about 3.5 pounds one about 2.5 pounds and one about a pound. I don’t think my dad likes to clean fish, so most of the time he gives them to me to clean and take home. I took these huge trout home to show K.D. my trophies. If I catch any trout we usually like to have them fresh, so we BBQ them the day or night I catch them. After cleaning them K.D. seasoned them with minced garlic, garlic salt, garlic pepper and yes the garlic it came out our pores the next day! She then added slices of lemons, basil and Hawaiian Ono seasoning. She put it on low to cook for an hour; she turned the trout over after 30 minutes. Good Stuff! She them made small potatoes seasoned with garlic and rosemary. We had a side salad as well.

We paired this with a wine we had received from a wine club we used to belong to. The wine of the night is Lange Pinot Gris ’05 from Willamette Valley, Oregon. The wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks for ten months, and then bottled. This wine needs to be drunk young and should not be cellared. We opened this wine and tried it with our trout. The aroma of pear and apple was very strong. I could smell the pear more intensely with the second taste. The taste had a light citrus complex and a fruity taste. This wine was OK; the trout on the other hand was wonderful.

Lange Pinot Gris

Lange Pinot Gris

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