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Make Cheap Wine Taste Better

Quality cheap wine from supermarkets in the UK can be hit and miss if you aren’t prepared to spend much money, when looking for a suitable bottle of wine in the £5 to £8 price range it’s usually experience that selects a good wine. If you’re a student you could use a wine hack I stumbled on, which a friend in New Zealand advocated recently – though I remain unconvinced – blitz your cheap wine in a blender for 30 seconds! [click to continue…]


Quick Guide to Wine Making

Wine making is simple in theory; yeast meets juice and then ferments. However, the process has evolved over thousands of years, and today’s winemaking is equal parts art and science. [click to continue…]


Understanding Vintage Wines

For many people, vintage wines present a mystery that seems difficult to understand. However, with a little effort, anyone can learn about wine and quickly become a resource for less well-informed friends. Though there are several varieties, there are two typical types of wines to understand. [click to continue…]


How Valuable Can Wine Be?

The whole business of wine is unique in that it is based as much on science as it is art. The aficionados might scoff at such a suggestion but it’s true. [click to continue…]


Fit Wine Tasting Into Your Social Agenda

Wine tasting evenings are really taking off in the UK. It’s possible for people to sample wines from all over the world these days, thanks to the extended ranges available from retailers and thanks to the improved trade networks that bring bottles to the table. [click to continue…]


Trend-Spotting – Wine on Tap

Wine on tap is a growing trend in upscale bars and restaurants.  Why is it so popular?  There are several reasons. Here’s the rundown of what makes wine on tap the new big thing. [click to continue…]


Getting The Best Deals On Wine

Last week, I invited my three best pals over for a meal.  Eager to impress and keen to put that old gloater James in his place, I picked exactly 500 grapes from my vineyard to turn into a bottle of red.

With my guests assembled on the night, and after eating a little too much good food, I unveiled the after dinner treat for my friends.  With four glasses positioned on the table, I poured each of my guests and myself a generous measurement and allowed the sweet aroma to drift around the room. [click to continue…]


Good budget wines in London and the UK

People are sometimes very quick to write off cheap wines, when often the wines in the £5-12 price range can be among the best tasting wines on the market. Of course there are the real bargain basement wines that are cheap for a reason, namely that they are produced with very thin profit margins to a low-standard. But there’s also the rare gems that are both cheaply produced and also of a very high quality, we take a look at some of these bargain wines that can be ordered online in the UK, and which really stand-up well when compared with their more expensive rivals. [click to continue…]


When you’re bringing wine gifts to a dinner party, it can often be confusing when deciding on the best wine pairing for food. But knowing the right wine for the right occasion can make a huge difference to how enjoyable the meal is. There is little in life that perfectly complements each other as well as a great wine with the right dish. [click to continue…]


Fine Wine Brands From American Vineyards

Fine Wine Brands From American Vineyards thumbnail

Those who are new to exploring the enjoyment of fine wine frequently believe that a high price tag is mandatory in order to ensure quality, but that is hardly the case these days. Wine culture all over the world has shifted so dramatically in recent decades that it’s entirely possible to fill your cellar with reasonably priced yet extremely worthwhile bottles of premium wines from interesting vineyards all over the world. [click to continue…]


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